Nickname: thewaj
Fantasy Player Rank: #89
Fans: 27
Foes: 2

41 Money League Teams

All-ProWajdainBrewster's Millions
All-AmericanAint going to play Sun inThe Draft
All-AmericanAint going to play Sun inZappin' Zeke
All-AmericanAint going to play Sun inWIN!!!!
All-AmericanIm Your Huckleberry 5tinTombstone
All-AmericanIm Your Huckleberry 9tinTombstone 3
All-AmericanIm Your Huckleberry tinDump Trump
All-AmericanJack at the RiverinSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanJack at the River 2inShow Me Your TDs
All-AmericanJack at the River 7tinPreseason Baby
All-AmericanJack at the River 9inOne Big little winne
All-AmericanJack at the River4tinDraft3
All-AmericanJack at the River8inThe Bad Ones
All-AmericanJohnny Utah 3inAny Given Thursday, Sunday or Mon
All-AmericanJohnny Utah 5inYankee Doodle Dandy
All-AmericanJohnny Utah 6inJuly 4th
All-AmericanJohnny Utah 7inDawg Pound
All-AmericanJohnny Utah 9inlate night turn up
All-AmericanNigel Gruff 8inwaiting for training camp
All-AmericanPaul Crewe 6inTop Dogs
All-AmericanPaul Crewe 9inSpeed Drafters 6/16
All-AmericanShane Falco 2inEarly Afternoon Draft
All-AmericanShane Falco 3 tinBeginners
All-AmericanThe Color of Money 2tinits in the way that you use it
All-AmericanThe Color of Money 3tin3rd and Long
All-AmericanThe Color Of Money5tinStraight Cash Homie
All-AmericanThe Color Of MoneytinNFL FINEST FANTASY 17
All-AmericanThe NaturalinPtownBeatDown
All-AmericanThe Natural 4tinFOOTBALL FANS
All-AmericanThe Natural 8tinThe Gentlemen's Club
All-AmericanThe Natural 9inHalfback Option
All-Americanthewaj1inDraft Now IV
All-Americanthewaj2inGood Times
All-Americanthewaj5inFantasy Freaks & Ho's
All-Americanthewaj6inWaydas Warriors 2
All-Americanthewaj8inFFL Addicts
All-AmericanThey Call me TrinityinOur 1st Fantasy Football Draft Ro
All-AmericanTodays Tom Sawyer4inBigass Ditka
All-AmericanTodays Tom Sawyer6inMonday Night Football The Draft
All-AmericanTodays Tom Saywer5inJust a Fun League
All-AmericanTrinity 8inDirty Bird Falcons

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