Nickname: rpurifoy64
Fantasy Player Rank: #154

79 Money League Teams

All-American* fire dragons 08 #inThe Practice Squad
All-American** Fire Dragons #3inLace Em Up
All-American** fire dragons 013 inyour johnson is a crabtree
All-American** Fire Dragons 11 #inThe Crazies
All-American** FIRE DRAGONS aaa12 &inAuction night
All-American** FIRE DRAGONS AAA3 &#inEasy Money
All-American** FIRE DRAGONS AASF1 &inFathers day
All-American*** Dragons 8 #2 seinBroken Nose Auction
All-American*** Dragons a7 #2 SinAuction it UP!
All-American*** FIRE DRAGONS 04 inPickem: Crimson Tide vs. Jets
All-American*** Fire Dragons 06 inRushin Hackers
All-American*** Fire Dragons 15T &#in3rd and Long
All-American*** Fire Dragons a8 inThe Auction Sharks
All-American*** FIRE DRAGONS aaa11 inThursday Night Football
All-American*** Fire Dragons AAA23 inSMash Monday
All-American*** FIRE DRAGONS AAD10 inJack me hoff
All-AmericanDragons a3 #1 SeedinThe mid July aa Auction
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONS 02 #3inDrafting to Win
All-AmericanFire dragons 05 #2inPassword is Taco
All-Americanfire dragons 07 #2inFantasy Football Battle
All-Americanfire dragons 09 #4inUltimate Fantasy Beasts
All-AmericanFire Dragons a9 #2inAugust Leaugue
All-AmericanFire Dragons AA13 #inThe Al Bundy Challenge
All-AmericanFire Dragons AA15 #inSundayAuction
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONS aaa16 #inFill This Shizzz!
All-AmericanFire Dragons AAa17 #inSunday Nite Auction
All-Americanfire dragons aaa18 inKickoff
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONS aaa19 #inOne Big Winner...one little winne
All-AmericanFire Dragons AAA25 #inAuction
All-AmericanFire Dragons aaa27 #inFantasy Sharks
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONS AAA5 #inRaw & Uncut
All-AmericanFIRE DRAGONS aad20 #inThe League Of Extraordinary Fanta
All-AmericanFire Dragons AAD22 #inDraftnik Party
All-Americanfire dragons aad24 #inRoger Goodells League
All-AmericanFire Dragons AAD25 #inMr Rodgers Neighborhood
All-Americanfire dragons aad27 #inFriday+Fantasy Football = Heaven
All-AmericanFire Dragons d18 #2inLeVeon a Prayer
All-AmericanXXX Dragons 10inThe Juice is on the Loose
All-AmericanXXX Dragons 5inLeague 111
All-AmericanXXX Dragons 7inGreenField Football League
All-AmericanXXX dragons 9 T1 w/and inTrades
All-AmericanXXX Dragons a4 T1inLive Free or Die
All-AmericanXXX Dragons a6inThursday Night Auction
All-AmericanXXX Fire D 15inAverage Joes
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons P7 -3inPre-Fight Football Draft
All-AmericanXXX fire dragons 10 P5 inBid em' up
All-AmericanXXX fire dragons 11 -1 inBlack and Blue
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons 12inThe Biggest and Baddest
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons 13inJuly 24
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons 14inJuly 27
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons 16 -1inThe Boneyard 2 - AA30
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons 17 P6 inLittle Red Fournette
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons a10 9-inHump Day Training Camp Auction
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAA1inThe Saturday Swindle
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAA2inAuction Time
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS aaa20inPrime Time Auction
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS aaa21 inNE 11-0 without gronk/get cooks a
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS aaa22inExperts don't need trades
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons AAA26inLunch Buckets
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAA4 PinThe Texas 2 Step
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAA6 TinFriday Night Auction!
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD1inBig Fat Azz
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD11 inFFL 2k17
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS aad17 inZero to Hero
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons AAD19 inTune up
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD2 -in4th and Goal
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons AAD21 inLate Night Auction
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons AAD23 inWeak Sauce
All-AmericanXXX fire dragons aad26 inSkull and Crossbones
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD3 -inHide and Go Zeke
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD4 -inThe Deadbeats
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD5 -inThe Open Challenge
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD6 -injUNE 26
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD7 -inJune 25
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD8inAll the King's Men
All-AmericanXXX FIRE DRAGONS AAD9inHit It Homies
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons D014 -inHump Day Nooner
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons FA15 PinLast minute Auction
All-AmericanXXX Fire Dragons SF03inH-town

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