Nickname: msufanrm
Fantasy Player Rank: #177
Fans: 1

110 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipGotcha 1inFantasy Championship 9/4 7:30PM #
ChampionshipGotcha 2inFantasy Championship 9/5 12:00PM
ChampionshipGotcha 3inFantasy Championship 9/5 11:00PM
ChampionshipRTFFCwinner 1inFantasy Championship 8/1 10:30PM
ChampionshipRTFFCwinner 2inFantasy Championship 7/31 11:45PM
ChampionshipRTFFCwinner 3inFantasy Championship 8/8 8:00PM #
ChampionshipThe Champion 1inFantasy Championship 9/1 10:00PM
ChampionshipThe Champion 2inFantasy Championship 9/1 8:30PM #
ChampionshipThe Champion 3inFantasy Championship 9/4 10:00AM
RTFFCDetroitLions 1inRTFFC White 1
RTFFCDetroitLions 2inRTFFC White 4
RTFFCDetroitLions 3inRTFFC Green 7
High StakesHigh stacks for meinthe BOLD and the gutless
High StakesHsmsufaninYippee ki Yay
High StakesHSSpartyPartyinEffyou IRMA
High StakesHSSpartyParty7inJust in time
All-ProAll pro raminLas Vegas Raiders 2018
All-Pro50leaguepprin( @ ) ( @ )
All-ProMsufanallproinfar far away
All-AmericanAmMSU 1inDirty draft
All-AmericanAmMSU 2inTouchdown There
All-AmericanAmMSU 3inFantasy Fun League
All-AmericanDmGoGrren 2inNot Dangerous But Kinda Wild Boys
All-AmericanDmGoGrren 3inGorilla Munch
All-AmericanDMWinner 1inFlorida Time
All-AmericanDMWinner 2inThe Money League
All-AmericanDMWinner 3inNY To AZ
All-AmericanGo Green 1inThe dirty sanchez
All-AmericanGo Green 2inFantasy Frenzy
All-AmericanGo Green 3inLate Night Auction
All-AmericanLatedraftersports 1inDay After
All-AmericanLatedraftersports 2inThe Budweiser AA August Auction
All-AmericanLatedraftersports 3inLets GOOOOO
All-AmericanMsufaninFantasy Pro League
All-AmericanMsufan1 1inJuly 26
All-AmericanMsufan1 2inReady to Go
All-AmericanMsufan1 3inGame of Thrones
All-AmericanMsufanallamerican 1inLate night crunch
All-AmericanMsufanallamerican 2inAA Fantasy Football Fanatics Leag
All-AmericanMsufanallamerican 3inlate night auction
All-AmericanMsufanrminFun Times on Sundays
All-AmericanPprrtsports 1inAfternoon Draft
All-AmericanPprrtsports 2inSteelers Wings & Beer
All-AmericanPprrtsports 3inI'm Flexy and I Know It
All-AmericanSpartan 1inMonday night draft
All-AmericanSpartan 2inGridiron Greats
All-AmericanSpartan 3inRTS BALLERZ ALERT
AudibleSlowDraft125inThe Slow Roll 125
AudibleActive green beaninBest of the Best!
AudibleDMSflexwinnerinTOPP DOGG FOOTBALL
AudibleDmSpartyParty8inIn it to win it
AudibleMsufansflex88in$250 $100
AudibleWaredithin7 Days to go!
AudibleAudible number 413inSUPER-TROOPERS
AudibleDM99msufaninLets Fill This!!
AudibleDMasterinFantasy Football Stars
AudibleDmKennyJoininMonday night football
AudibleDmmmminsunday stroll with xtra roster
AudibleDMSpartyParty3inLAST ONE AGAIN
AudibleDMSpartyParty4inlets do this for da money
AudibleDMWeek2inVery Last One
AudibleDMweek3SpartyinHurricane Draft
AudibleDraftkinginTaco Tuesday
AudibleMichigan StateinWho's drafting
AudibleMichstinLast 8 Standing
AudibleNot managedinWhere the
FaceoffFace off SpartaninThird Down 99.1 Bracket 2
FaceoffFaceoff5SpartyinGoal Line 99.1 Bracket 5
FaceoffFace off week3inThird Down 49.1 Bracket 3
Draft MastersDMasterProinHoliday Draft
Draft MastersDmmmmmmmmminStill Time league
Draft MastersDMMsufanrm99inJust in Time!
Draft MastersDMOceanCityinGurleys D Kupps
Draft MastersDMSpartanmsuin2nd 2 Last Cut
Draft MastersDMSpartyPartyinJacking Goff to Gurley Pics
Draft MastersDMSpartyParty2inTwo Gurleys One Kupp
Draft MastersMsufanrmaug14dminletsfillthis
Draft MastersDMSept6inQuick Late Night Draft
Draft MastersDMSpartyParty9inWeek One Fantasy
Draft MastersDMweek3MSUinLAST WON
Draft MastersDMweek4MSUinAfternoon Delight
Draft MastersDraftMasterRMinLet's Go
Draft MastersKennyGignacsucksinJacquizz when I Fournette-cate
Draft MastersLion LuckinFriday Nooner
Draft MastersMsufanrm50inmr sparky
Draft MastersAuctionIHateMyselfinLast Chance Auction
Draft MastersDM Go GreeninQuickly before sunday
Draft MastersDMAdictinJust a Little Draft
Draft MastersDMAfterGameinUncle Rico back in '82
Draft MastersDMCinCrystal Ball
Draft MastersDMGoStateinAuctionsRFun
Draft MastersDMingameinDraft n Watch
Draft MastersDMMichStateinMadden Curse
Draft MastersDmmmminGet It Poppin
Draft MastersDmmmmminFantasy Warriors Project
Draft MastersDmmmmmmmmmmmmmmminTo hard on the Beaver
Draft MastersDMsep15funinOVERTIME DM
Draft MastersDMSpartaninOne For the Road
Draft MastersDmspartan1inSunday Draftmaster 8/28
Draft MastersDMSpartyParty5inLast Chance
Draft MastersDMstilldraftinginUno mas
Draft MastersDMweek3GoGreeninSD OVERTIME DM
Draft MastersDMweek4SpartyinTHE LAST DM
Draft MastersMsufandraftmastersinThe Quickie
Draft MastersMsufanrm 9033inThe Quickie
Draft MastersMsufanrm draft mastersinDraftmastersPreseason
Slam DunkNBAnoob inSlam Slow 49 I

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