Nickname: mattyice2
Fantasy Player Rank: #39
Fans: 3

122 Money League Teams

ChampionshipJuliochampinFantasy Championship 7/30 6:00PM
RTFFCJuliortffc 1inRTFFC Gold 1
RTFFCJuliortffc 2inRTFFC Gold 5
RTFFCJuliortffc 3inRTFFC Black 10
RTFFCJuliorttc4inRTFFC White 10
All-ProJuli61inMonday Night
All-ProJulio APin( @ ) ( @ )
All-Starjulio86in8 Is Enough
All-AmericanJuio32inThe AA Snake Draft
All-AmericanJulio102inThe Trophy Shop
All-Americanjulio103inThe Patriot Way
All-AmericanJulio104inFOOTBALL FANS
All-Americanjulio105inAnother Patriots Super Bowl
All-AmericanJulio107inBeing Tom Brady
All-AmericanJulio108inMonkey Bowl 2017
All-AmericanJulio109inHurricane Irma
All-AmericanJulio19inNFL Draft Special
All-AmericanJulio24inRowdy M'Fers only !!!!!!
All-AmericanJulio26inThursday thunder
All-AmericanJulio31inJust got Paid
All-AmericanJulio34inMAY 24 AUCTION
All-AmericanJulio36in6inch sub
All-AmericanJulio3rdin3rd Time/Week is the charm
All-AmericanJulio3rd2inIf You're NOT FIRST You're LAST
All-AmericanJulio43inWhat Up
All-AmericanJulio48inSpeed Drafters 6/16
All-AmericanJulio50inFathers day
All-AmericanJulio55injUNE 26
All-AmericanJulio58inThe TGIF League
All-AmericanJulio62inFeed the Gecko
All-AmericanJulio63inJuly Test Track
All-Americanjulio70inWednesday Auction
All-AmericanJulio79inlet the madness begin
All-AmericanJulio81inGronky Kong
All-AmericanJulio82in11 Amateurs and 1 Pro
All-AmericanJulio83inThe Boneyard 3 - AA30
All-AmericanJulio84inAuction night
All-AmericanJulio85inSunday Funday Merica
All-AmericanJulio88inThe Draft
All-AmericanJulio89inSAT FUN TIME
All-AmericanJuliomeminJIMBOBS' Cracklin Cookout
All-AmericanJulioweek2inToozeday boozeday
All-AmericanJulioweek4inGood Will Kareem Hunting
All-AmericanOc74inDid somebody say Camp started?
AudibleJulio125inBOYZ R BACK IN TOWN
AudibleJulio5inWednesday Audi
AudibleJulio 14inCash Money
AudibleJulio 24inMayo Fivo
Audiblejulio 4in420 Happy Hr
Audiblejulio 68in10/25 on a Summer's Day
AudibleJulio1inSame Bat Time Same Bat Station
AudibleJulio10inTry Try again
AudibleJulio11inGoff or Glennon
AudibleJulio12inCoin Flip
AudibleJulio13inFast Money
AudibleJulio15inPlayboy Bunny
AudibleJulio16inGlennon for Hire
AudibleJulio17inFriday night before the draft
AudibleJulio18inFast Cash
AudibleJulio2inFill the Diaper
AudibleJulio21inSaturday Night Fever
AudibleJulio22inBears are the New Browns
AudibleJulio23inPead Free Agency Tour
AudibleJulio27inNo Boots for You
AudibleJulio28inFriday Friday Friday
AudibleJulio29inDeath 4 U Invite
AudibleJulio3inRosen Talks Kickers at 330pm
AudibleJulio30inSuper Awesome Fun League
AudibleJulio34inI See a Bad Draft Rising
AudibleJulio37inAfter Party
AudibleJulio39in Cheapo Diaper to the Rescue
AudibleJulio40inEl Cheapo Drafto No Manageo
AudibleJulio46inSomething to Do
AudibleJulio47inspeedy dual flex
AudibleJulio51inTuesday Night
AudibleJulio53inFriday night fun
AudibleJulio6inPoint Collectors
AudibleJulio60inClick HERE now
AudibleJulio64inPat Benatar's Audi DM 10/25
AudibleJulio67inalright lets do it
Audiblejulio7inNo Fumbles
AudibleJulio72inSunday Drafting
AudibleJulio73inShort Notice
AudibleJulio86inMonday night early boy!
AudibleJulio87inThursday audi
AudibleJulio9inApril Fools Cheapo
AudibleJulioabimpinWake Up Its Draft Time
AudibleJuliolastinLAST ONE AGAIN
AudibleSuper2inweek 3
Draft MastersJulio100efinStill Time league
Draft Mastersjulio 80inGoal Line
Draft Mastersjulio101inDraftnicks
Draft MastersJulio106inLabor Day Fun Draft
Draft MastersJulio2ndin**Late Drafter Special**
Draft MastersJulio33inMemorial Day Auction
Draft MastersJulio3rdinOVERTIME DM
Draft MastersJulio42inAuction...for early birds
Draft MastersJulio47inAuction...for Friday Night Winner
Draft MastersJulio54inSuper Flex Draft
Draft MastersJulio56inAuctionsRUs
Draft MastersJulio65inauction fun
Draft Mastersjulio68inFriday Night
Draft MastersJulio69inDraftniks
Draft MastersJulio71in7/21 DM
Draft MastersJulio90inAuction Action
Draft MastersJulio91inDrafting in my jorts
Draft MastersJulio92inHump Day Shenanigans
Draft MastersJulio93inHUGE MARGIN
Draft MastersJulio96inDraft One Mate
Draft Mastersjulio97inThe Big Draft
Draft MastersJulioaucinAuction
Draft MastersJulioopeninginHours2Kickoff
Draft MastersjuliopackinCleats and Pads
Draft MastersJulioweek4inUno mas

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