Nickname: jessedog
Fantasy Player Rank: #210

132 Money League Teams

High Stakes1 Active 125inthe BOLD and the gutless
All-Pro2 Active 100 3inAP Slow 99 I
Audible3 Active OUTinThe League
Audible4 Passive 50inReady for September
Audible5 Passive 50inSflex slow
Audible6 Passive 50inDraft Master 4HR Clock
Audible7 Passive 50innot too slow
Audible8 Passive 50inCTF for King of Albuquerque
Audible9 Passive 50inSeptember Prep
Audiblea10 Passive 50in250-1st, 100-2nd
Audiblea11 OUTinTry a Tenner
Audiblea12 Passive 20 inAll Positions Spread out Evenly!!
Audiblea13 Passive 20 in69 Days till Kickoff
Audiblea14 Passive 20 inSuper 8
Audiblea15 Passive 20 inSP Fantasy Fun
Audiblea16 Passive 20 in10-15% Tax Bracket
Audiblea17 Passive 20 inEMAILING IT IN
Audiblea18 Passive 20 inGetting close boys and girls
Audiblea19 Passive 20 inQuick and Easy
Audibleb20 Passive 20 in10/25 on a Summer's Day
Audibleb21 Passive 20 indraftmaster sflex fun
Audibleb22 Passive 20 inFun Thursday DM 10/25
Audibleb23 Passive 20 inSlow DM Audi
Audibleb24 Passive 20 inMurican Super Skills
Audibleb25 Passive 20 inDrop an Opp
Audibleb26 Passive 20 inThe Witching Hour 8 Team Sflex
Audibleb27 Passive 20 inThursNooNer
Audibleb28 Passive 20 inSuperflex Deep
Audibleb29 Passive 20 inGet busted up
Audiblec30 Passive 20 inanother slow sflex
Audiblec31 Passive 20 inSlow Audi
Audiblec32 Passive 20 inEarly August slow Audible
Audiblec33 Passive 20 inThursNooNer
Audiblec35 Passive 20 inLast slow draft
Audiblec36 Passive 20 inFUN FLEX
Audiblec37 Passive 20 inWhere the
Audiblec38 Passive 20 inYou've Got Mail
Audiblec39 Passive 20 inDraft today
Audibled40 Passive 20 inCybertron
Audibled41 Passive 20 inLast slow draft
Audibled42 Passive 20 inLunchtime Audi
Audibled43 Passive 20 inLast slow draft
Audibled44 Passive 20 inHurry for fun!!!
Audibled45 Passive 20 inThursAudi
Audibled46 Passive 20 inQuik Easy and Done 10/25
Audibled47 Passive 20 in10 SPOT
Audibled48 Passive 20 inTuesday night football
Audibled49 Passive 20 inBack Up Cheapo
Audiblee50 Passive 20 inSFlex For The Frozen Chosen
Audiblee51 Passive 20 inThirsty Thursday
Audiblee52 Passive 20 inFast Flex
Audiblee53 Passive 20 indraft addicts
Audiblee54 Passive 20 inTGIF Audi DM 10/25
Audiblee55 Passive 20 inSuper Right
FaceoffLoserinTouchdown 99.1 Bracket 9
FaceoffLoserinGoal Line 99.1 Bracket 10
FaceoffLoserinFourth Down 99.1 Bracket 8
FaceoffLoserinFourth Down 99.1 Bracket 3
FaceoffWinnerinThird Down 99.1 Bracket 11
FaceoffWinnerinThird Down 99.1 Bracket 7
FaceoffWinner1inThird Down 99.1 Bracket 2
FaceoffLoserinTouchdown 49.2 Bracket 16
FaceoffLoserinFirst Down 49.2 Bracket 15
FaceoffLoserinThird Down 49.1 Bracket 12
FaceoffLoserinThird Down 49.1 Bracket 10
FaceoffLoserinGoal Line 49.1 Bracket 8
FaceoffLoserinFirst Down 19.2 Bracket 14
FaceoffLoserinFirst Down 19.2 Bracket 13
FaceoffLoserinGoal Line 19.2 Bracket 10
FaceoffLoserinTouchdown 19.1 Bracket 10
FaceoffLoserinThird Down 19.2 Bracket 8
FaceoffLoserinFourth Down 19.3 Bracket 7
FaceoffLoserinTouchdown 19.2 Bracket 7
FaceoffWinnerinGoal Line 19.1 Bracket 9
FaceoffWinnerinGoal Line 19.2 Bracket 5
FaceoffWinnerinThird Down 19.5 Bracket 4
FaceoffWinner1inFirst Down 19.2 Bracket 2
Draft Masterse56 Passive 100 inLet's Draft
Draft Masterse57 Passive 100 inKings of D
Draft Masterse58 Passive 100 inLets do it again!
Draft Masterse59 Passive 100 inGridiron Kings
Draft Mastersf60 Passive 100 inGiggity giggity giggity
Draft Mastersf61 Passive 100 inGoff Balls
Draft Mastersf62 Passive 100 inShow Me Your TDs
Draft Mastersf63 Passive 50inLet's Draft!!!
Draft Mastersf64 Passive 50inQuick Afternoon Draft...
Draft Mastersf65 Passive 50inThursday Nooner
Draft Mastersf66 Passive 50inQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft Mastersf67 Passive 50inSlow Draft
Draft Mastersf68 Passive 50inTuesday Nooner
Draft Mastersf69 Passive 50inMonday Nooner
Draft Mastersg70 Passive 50inTuesday Nooner
Draft Mastersg71 Passive 50inDRAFT Already
Draft Mastersg72 Passive 50inThursday Nooner
Draft Mastersg73 Passive 50inThe Fry that Saved Pittsburgh
Draft Mastersg74 Passive 50inEarly Drafters
Draft Mastersg75 Passive 50inThe Juice is Loose....
Draft Mastersg76 Passive 50inRookies League
Draft Mastersg77 Passive 50inMiami and the Hurricanes
Draft Mastersg78 Passive 50inWeek One Fantasy
Draft Mastersg79 Passive 20 inSuper Quick Super Flex
Draft Mastersh80 Passive 20 inRapid Draft
Draft Mastersh81 Passive 20 inDrafting Drafting Drafting
Draft Mastersh82 Passive 20 inGive Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Draft Mastersh83 Passive 20 inJuly Slow Draft
Draft Mastersh84 Passive 20 inDOLLAR BILLS FOR CHICKEN WINGS A
Draft Mastersh85 Passive 20 inSuperFlex
Draft Mastersh86 Passive 20 inCTF for Mayor of Gothem
Draft Mastersh87 Passive 20 inQuick In and Out
Draft Mastersh88 Passive 20 inBodacious Tatas
Draft Mastersh89 Passive 20inDrafting Fools
Draft Mastersi90 Passive 20 inDraft Masters
Draft Mastersi91 Passive 20 inMorning DM
Draft Mastersi92 Passive 20 inWeekend Draft Bliss
Draft Mastersi93 Passive 20 inLadies and Edelman
Draft Mastersi94 Passive 20 inAngels
Draft Mastersi95 Passive 20 inThe Thirsty
Draft Mastersi96 Passive 20 inFootball Fever
Draft Mastersi97 Passive 20 inQuick Afternoon Draft
Draft Mastersi98 passive 20 inThursday Afternoon Delight
Draft Mastersi99 Passive 20 in8/12 DM
Draft Mastersj100 Passive 20 inCoulda, Shoulda, Woulda, ......
Draft Mastersj101 Passive 20 inHump Day!!
Draft Mastersj102 Passive 20 inFriday Night Lights
Draft Mastersj103 Passive 20 inBillys Draft
Draft Mastersj104 Passive 20 inI Like Big Butts

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