Nickname: futbalfanatic
Fantasy Player Rank: #207
Fans: 4

46 Money League Teams

All-ProBiG MeaN and NaSTY inGet Some of Deez Nuts
All-ProOUT-The 20th Maine (NT)inPurple pride
All-ProRuMBLiN BuMBLiN STuMBLiinLegends
All-ProThe Gurley Men (NT)inFootball 420
All-ProOUT-Picked Like a NooBinDavid Johnson Owners Redemption L
All-American (OUT) BLiTZiNG PeNGuiNinsunday funday
All-American(OUT) Clean Machine inBattleground
All-AmericanAdirondack Bear Claw ingo time
All-AmericanBest Time of Year inMonday Night
All-AmericanBlue BearsinWeek 4 Door
All-AmericanGoing Once, Going TwiceinThe nights roll by
All-AmericanHemingways Prose inSaturday night trade league
All-AmericanOUT-Go Deep Charlie BroinFirst Draft
All-AmericanOUT-Let's Go BuffalinWeek 1 Done
All-AmericanOUT-Poirots Panache inFullyLoaded
All-AmericanOUT-Sundown on the SeasinIf You're NOT FIRST You're LAST
All-AmericanOUT-The Iron BrigadeinJuly Test Track
All-AmericanOUT-Winnie the Pooh andinAll American Action
All-AmericanTao Te Pooh inUnafraid to Trade
All-AmericanThe Hounds of BaskervilinPre Camp Prognistication
Draft MastersAutumn BlazeinLabor Day Fun Draft
Draft MastersBlitzing BulldogsinNot Draft Kings
Draft MastersBlue Skies and Pumpkin inHump Day Open
Draft MastersEzekial Watson (AuctioninDraftmastersPreseason
Draft MastersFootball is Backin30 minutes to glory
Draft MastersFooTBaLL iS GooDinThursNiteDM
Draft MastersFooTBaLL MoNSTeRinSmoking and Drafting
Draft MastersFRaNKeNSTeiNs BoLTsinThree Point Stance
Draft MastersGo DeepinCowboy Way
Draft MastersGoDZiLLa SToMPinBest Ball Draft
Draft MastersIt's a dudinFryday
Draft MastersLycan LightninginLets Draft for Week One
Draft MastersMighty MartiansinThe Flash Draft
Draft MastersNordic KnightsinDraft-a-holics Anonymous
Draft MastersOiNGo BoiNGoinDrafting Drafting Drafting
Draft MastersPure SpeculationinCamp Started!
Draft MastersRampaging ElephantsinBest Ballin
Draft MastersRun FirstinBest Ball Quickie
Draft MastersSir Fartalot Fantasy FainEarly Action
Draft MastersTaylor's TigersinDraft Now, Draft Quick
Draft MastersTHe BlaCK KNiGHTsinWHAT is your QUEST?
Draft MastersThe BombersinDraught Masters
Draft MastersThe Fun BunchinLast minute fun draft
Draft MastersThe Underdogs (Fun DrafinDraft and Pitch It
Draft MastersZebra ConfusioninPreseason 2

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