Nickname: Whaddawho
Fantasy Player Rank: #19
Fans: 12

30 Money League Teams

High StakesJC-HS-1inHigh Stake Rake
High StakesSC-HS-01inBUCK 25 ALIVE
All-American101 LookinAA DRAFT
All-American102 If you hadintuesday night stoners
All-American103 One shotinHold your hit league
All-American104 One OpportunityinSaturday Night Draft
All-American105 To SeizeinEarlyBirds
All-American106 Everything you everinMARCH AA
All-American107 One Momentin3-24 AA DRAFT
All-American108 Would You Capture IinAA before the Real Draft
All-American109 Or Just Let It SlipinBustin Loose
All-American110 YoinMNFC 2018
All-American111 His Palms Are SweatinEaster egg hunt
All-American112 Knees WeakinBig Dogs Porch
All-American113 Arms Are HeavyinNfl draft Night
All-American114 Theres Vomit On HisinAll American Made
All-American115 Moms Spaghettiintres de mayo
All-American116 Hes NervousinThursday Nighter
All-American117 But on the SurfaceinOpen Bar
All-American118 He Looks Calm and RinMidwest
All-American119 To Drop BombsinHa ha ha
All-American120 But He Keeps on ForinHalfway through May
All-American121 What He Wrote DowninAfternoon Delight
All-American122 The Whole CrowdinStormy Night
All-American123 Grows So LoudinFake News
All-American124 He Opens His MouthinWwe moves
All-American125 But The Words Wont inMay 22
All-American126 Hes Chokin HowinNo Truth League
All-American127 Everybodies Chokin inSunday Night
AudibleAM-1inBringin The Pain

5 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full Season(WC3)Lord Williams of Hin15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full SeasonLord Williams of House in15th Annual KFFSC Main Event
Full Season($)($)Rudolph tinKFFSC Big Game Week Dynasty Keepe
Full SeasonJustin CoxinKFFSC Big Game Week Redraft 2018
Full SeasonJustin Cox MM18inKFFSC March Madness Redraft 18'

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