Nickname: Vikes87
Fantasy Player Rank: #54
Fans: 5

32 Money League Teams

AudibleVikes 10inA.J. McCarron 4 Hire
AudibleVikes 11inNo Stopping Us Clowns Now
AudibleVikes 17inWedNiteDrafting
AudibleVikes 12inPartakers Open
AudibleVikes 13inThe Clowns are Coming
AudibleVikes 14inFoos and Rosen are on Strike
AudibleVikes 15inCircus Circus
AudibleVikes 16inEnd of Clown Month
AudibleVikes 19inUnderwear Olympics
AudibleVikes 2innever to late
AudibleVikes 20inCombine Kicker Report
AudibleVikes 21inMon Night Audi
AudibleVikes 22inAxelRose Unstoppable Tour
AudibleVikes 25inRT tries a Live Event
AudibleVikes 26inRT live event special
AudibleVikes 27inGrass Coke and Pizza
AudibleVikes 28inPizza with 2 toppings Coke Grass
AudibleVikes 29inFree Agent Frenzy Drafting
AudibleVikes 3inJosh McDaniels Debacle
AudibleVikes 30inFoos has an Imposter
AudibleVikes 31inFree GREEN Beer
AudibleVikes 32inBracket Busters
AudibleVikes 33inHot Wings and Big Girls
AudibleVikes 4inSaturday Stoners
AudibleVikes 5inPut football in the Olympics!
AudibleVikes 6inMonNiteDrafting
AudibleVikes 7inHumpDay Drafting
Draft MastersVikes 50inSit and Go 50 I
Draft MastersVikes 18inSit and Go 20 I
Draft MastersVikes 23inSit and Go 20 VI
Draft MastersVikes 8in2018 Season #2
Draft MastersVikes 9inThose Who R Sick Like ME

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonRegulatorsinBeer League
Full SeasonRenegadesinVIKING

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