Nickname: TicketScalper
Fantasy Player Rank: #106
Fans: 2

49 Money League Teams

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ChampionshipScalper 15 1inFantasy Championship 7/26 9:00PM
ChampionshipScalper 15 2inFantasy Championship 7/27 11:30PM
ChampionshipScalper 15 3inFantasy Championship 7/28 9:45PM
ChampionshipScalper 19 1inFantasy Championship 8/7 7:00PM #
ChampionshipScalper 19 2inFantasy Championship 8/7 10:00PM
ChampionshipScalper 19 3inFantasy Championship 8/8 8:00PM #
RTFFCScalper 28 1inRTFFC Red 8
RTFFCScalper 28 2inRTFFC Gold 6
RTFFCScalper 28 3inRTFFC Blue 9
All-AmericanScalper 20 1inLUNCH LEAGUE PPR
All-AmericanScalper 20 2inThe Fake FF League on RT Sports
All-AmericanScalper 20 3inHump Night
All-AmericanScalper 3 1inDraft Now IV
All-AmericanScalper 3 2inAll American Auction
All-AmericanScalper 3 3inGood Times
All-AmericanScalper 5 1inStart the process
All-AmericanScalper 5 2inWaydas Warriors 3
All-AmericanScalper 5 3inHigh Crimes
All-AmericanScalper 8 1inAll-American
All-AmericanScalper 8 2infirst timers
All-AmericanScalper 8 3inThe Big Time League
All-AmericanScalper 9 1inThe Big League
All-AmericanScalper 9 2inAuction Goodness
All-AmericanScalper 9 3inStars and Stripes
All-AmericanScalpers 10 1inFeed the Gecko
All-AmericanScalpers 10 2inFirst And Draft
All-AmericanScalpers 10 3inFFL 2k17
All-AmericanScalpers 11 1inPrime Day Open
All-AmericanScalpers 11 2inearly eagles
All-AmericanScalpers 11 3inGot It Going On
AudibleScalp 2inThe Program
AudibleScalperinHammertime Free Agent Guide
AudibleScalper 12inSunDrafting
AudibleScalper 14in10/25 DM Cures the Monday Blues
AudibleScalper 15inC'mon Man
Audiblescalper 4inCall the Auduble
AudibleScalper 6inDraftmaster Depot
AudibleScalper 7inFriday Night Lights
Draft MastersScalpers 30inDraftMaster FFL Experts
Draft MastersScalper 17inQuick Draft
Draft MastersScalper 22inTuesday DM
Draft MastersScalper 24inThe One Hour Draft Club
Draft Mastersscalper 28inJerrys World
Draft MastersScalpers 26inTechnical Ecstacy
Triple Playscalper inHead to Head
Triple PlayScalper 1 inPlay Ball
Triple PlayScalper 2 inLet's Do This
Triple PlayScalper 3 inBaseball In January JOIN

2 Private Commissioner League Teams

Full SeasonJeff The Scalperinswampleague
PlayoffScalpers 11 2inearly eagles (Playoff Service)

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