Nickname: Sutton
Fantasy Player Rank: #68
Fans: 3
Foes: 1

100 Money League Teams

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ChallengeThe Wind Chill FactorinPlayoff Challenge 49.74
All-American****ing Up Your PrograminTapwrit vs Irish War Cry
All-American****ing Up Your Programin4th and Goal
All-American****ing Up Your PrograminWhat Up
All-AmericanDeath Row 1inGood Times
All-AmericanDeath Row 2in6inch sub
All-AmericanDeath Row 3inThe AA Snake Draft
All-AmericanDont Taze Me Bro 1in12 men enter 1 man leaves
All-AmericanDont Taze Me Bro 2inJust a Chip Shot
All-AmericanDont Taze Me Bro 3inFantasy Football 2017
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 1inAuction
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 2inOverhead Cam
All-AmericanFantasy CTE 3inUltimate Fantasy Beasts
All-AmericanFantasy Flexperts 1inWaydas Warriors 2
All-AmericanFantasy Flexperts 2inThe June Swoon aa Auction
All-AmericanFantasy Flexperts 3inNFL Players
All-AmericanFlat Tire No Spare 1inThe Boneyard 2 - AA30
All-AmericanFlat Tire No Spare 2inThe Boneyard 4 - AA30
All-AmericanFlat Tire No Spare 3inSuperflex time
All-AmericanFuq You 1inThe Saturday Swindle
All-AmericanFuq You 2inSuperflex
All-AmericanFuq You 3inSpeed Drafters 6/16
All-AmericanGoing Ron Jeremy Deep 1inThe Monday Night Fantasy Draft
All-AmericanGoing Ron Jeremy Deep 2inHigh Competition
All-AmericanGoing Ron Jeremy Deep 3inTotality Fantasy Football
All-AmericanHehateme 1inThe Big League
All-AmericanHehateme 2in4th of July auction
All-AmericanHehateme 3inFireworks
All-AmericanIm That Guy 1inThe Juice is on the Loose
All-AmericanIm That Guy 2inAFC East
All-AmericanIm That Guy 3inFirst of 2017
All-AmericanIt Doesnt MatterinThe mid July aa Auction
All-AmericanLocknLoad 1inFriday Night Auction!
All-AmericanLocknLoad 2inU-S-A U-S-A
All-AmericanLocknLoad 3inlate night turn up
All-AmericanLynch Mob 1inMother's Day Auction
All-AmericanLynch Mob 2inJust got Paid
All-AmericanLynch Mob 3inAA AUCTION 5/15
All-AmericanMean Street Posse 1inFinal May Friday AA Auction
All-AmericanMean Street Posse 2inA drunk auction
All-AmericanMean Street Posse 3inMemorial Draft
All-AmericanMy Jimmy Runs Deep 1inSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanMy Jimmy Runs Deep 2inSaturday Night Lights
All-AmericanMy Jimmy Runs Deep 3inThe Al Bundy Challenge
All-AmericanNeed More Bell 1inFair Auction
All-AmericanNeed More Bell 2inWest Side vs. East Side
All-AmericanNeed More Bell 3indemolition derby
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 1inThe Gentlemen's Club
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 1inZeke Grow up or sit in a Field of
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 2inRowdy Friends
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 2inGoodell Sucks Long Shafts
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 3inBilly Simms Cutback Moves
All-AmericanSmack My Bitch Up 3incrab cakes and football
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 1inMonday Night Football
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 2inZeke gets 6
All-AmericanSnake and Nape 3inMonday Night Fantasy Football Lea
All-AmericanStraight Cash Homie 1inCase of the Mondays
All-AmericanStraight Cash Homie 2inThursday Night Football Draft
All-AmericanStraight Cash Homie 3inTGIF Fantasy Football
All-AmericanStroking to Silverman 1inFriday night live
All-AmericanStroking to Silverman 2inDiamonds in the Rough
All-AmericanStroking to Silverman 3inAA AUCTION
All-AmericanTaking Your Guy 1inAll-American
All-AmericanTaking Your Guy 2inThe Texas 2 Step
All-AmericanTaking Your Guy 3inThe Open Challenge
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 1inEasy Money
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 2inGet ur popcorn ready
All-AmericanThe 2 Live Jew 3inDont like Auction
All-AmericanThe Draft Syndicate 1inTop Dogs
All-AmericanThe Draft Syndicate 2inFirst Team Fantasy
All-AmericanThe Draft Syndicate 3inThe Saturday Snake
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Factory 1inQueen Cities
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Factory 2injUNE 26
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Factory 3inSuper Fans
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Rabbai 1inLive Free or Die
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Rabbai 2inFF Today
All-AmericanThe Fantasy Rabbai 3inWhoopass
All-AmericanThe Soup Nazi 1inDraft Now VI
All-AmericanThe Soup Nazi 2inThe AA Tuesday Fix
All-AmericanThe Soup Nazi 3inAll American Auction
All-AmericanThe Triple Threat 1inI Hate Mondays
All-AmericanThe Triple Threat 2inThe Sunday Funday Auction
All-AmericanThe Triple Threat 3inWinners and Whiners
All-AmericanU Cant Teach That 1inWest Coast Fools
All-AmericanU Cant Teach That 2inSunday night shenanigans
All-AmericanU Cant Teach That 3inAA Test Run #1
Audible****ing Up Your PrograminPigskin Mayhem
AudiblePittey the FoolinHit Squad League 9/19
AudibleIn 2 DeepinLast 8 Standing
AudibleTeam SquealieinTry Again
Draft MastersCan U Dig ItinAuction Auction
Draft MastersLunatic FringeinSmoldering Ruins
Draft MastersStrait up MenaceinBidMUp
Draft MastersThe 2 Live JewinDraft-a-holics Anonymous
Draft MastersThe No F-ing Around CreinGive Me Liberty or Give Me Death
Draft MastersWTFinBodacious Tatas
Triple PlayStrait Cash Homey inSNL Draft
Triple PlayThe Brady Glove inChampionship Weekend
Triple PlayWarning Track Power inLet's Do This

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