Nickname: GothamsGreatest
Fantasy Player Rank: #136
Fans: 2
Foes: 1

103 Money League Teams

All-ProSolomon GrundyinFootball FOMO
All-ProSolomon Grundy 2inNFL fantasy football
All-ProSolomon Grundy 3inLabor Day $50
All-AmericanAaron Cash 2in$$$ PLAY for PAY $$$
All-AmericanAaron Cash 3inBad Boys of Fantasy
All-AmericanAaron Cash 4inJerry Rice Invitational
All-AmericanAaron Cash 5 TinBest of the best
All-AmericanAaron Cash 6inWeekend Hangover
All-AmericanAaron Cash 7inPennywise & the Jets Clownshow
All-AmericanAaron Cash 8 TinKickoff Time!
All-AmericanAaron Cash 9inThe Draft Room at RT Sports
All-AmericanAaron Cash TinMomma Bears Own League
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 2 TinSaturday Night Live
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 3 Tinlet the madness begin
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 4inFantasy Football 2017
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 5 TinThe Players Club
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 6 TinA Fantasy League
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 7 TinFullyLoaded
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 8 Tinleviblake17
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth 9 TinDraft2
All-AmericanAlfred Pennyworth TinSteelers Wings & Beer
All-AmericanBen SimmonsinThe Big Time League
All-AmericanBruce WayneinjUNE 26
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 2inAll the King's Men
All-AmericanBruce Wayne 3inFantasy Masters
All-AmericanDick Grayson Tinall american
All-AmericanEdward NygmainAll-American
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 2inJuly 18
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 3inFew days from Camp
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 4 TinVeto it all to hell
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 5 TinWelcome to the big league
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 6 TinLETS HAVE SOME FUN
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 7 TinTHIS IS MERICA
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 8inJuly 24
All-AmericanEdward Nygma 9 TinSaturday night trade league
All-AmericanF.E.D.SinJune 25
All-AmericanHarvey DentinFantasy Hall of Fame
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 2inTwelve Players at Twelve Noon
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 3inCase of the Mondays
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 4inThe League Of Extraordinary Fanta
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 5
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 6 TinSome Fun
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 7inThursday Night Football Fantasy D
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 8inZappin' Zeke
All-AmericanHarvey Dent 9 TinBring the Pain
All-AmericanIts a processinDraft Now II
All-AmericanIts a process 1inDraft Now III
All-AmericanIts a process 2inDraft Now VII
All-AmericanIts a process 3inJilly Bean
All-AmericanIts a process 4inNo trades
All-AmericanIts a process 5inSunday Stoners
All-AmericanIts a process 6inA drunk auction
All-AmericanIts a process 7inNFL Players
All-AmericanIts a process 8inFF SHARKNADO
All-AmericanIts a process 9inMaximum Carnage
All-AmericanJason ToddinFantasy Football Heaven
All-AmericanJason Todd 2inThe Friday Morning Draft
All-AmericanJason Todd 3 TinFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanJason Todd 4 TinThe G.A.O.T.
All-AmericanJason Todd 5 TinLUNCH TIME BITCHES
All-AmericanJason Todd 7inThe Living Dead
All-AmericanJason Todd 8 TinBig Leagues
All-AmericanJason Todd 9 TinGame of Thrones Rules
All-AmericanJim GordoninJoin This Draft
All-AmericanJim Gordon 2inAuction Goodness
All-AmericanJim Gordon 3inFast and Furious Fantasy
All-AmericanJoel EmbiidinHump Day Blues
All-AmericanMarkelle Fultzinfirst timers
All-AmericanMichael Laneinlate drafters
All-AmericanMichael Lane 2inMonkey Business
All-AmericanMichael Lane 3 TinMIDNIGHT AA
All-AmericanMichael Lane 4inFantasy Football Open
All-AmericanMichael Lane 5inEclipse Day
All-AmericanMichael Lane 6inMother of All Leagues
All-AmericanMichael Lane 7 TinFOR THE VETS
All-AmericanMichael Lane 8 TinHit Em Up
All-AmericanMichael Lane 9inShow Me Your TDs
All-AmericanSelina Kyleinstill too early to draft but not
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 2 TinJuly Test Track
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 3inGreenField Football League
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 4inBradys Deflated Balls
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 5inJuly Football
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 6inMoney For Nothing
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 7inGoalline Smash
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 8 TinThe way too early draft
All-AmericanSelina Kyle 9inWhoopass
All-AmericanSuper DarioinStart the moment
All-AmericanTim Drake 2 Tin1st time for everything
All-AmericanTim Drake 3 Tinfootball is back
All-AmericanTim Drake 4 Tinthe time is now
All-AmericanTim Drake 5 TinNFL whirlwind
All-AmericanTim Drake 6inWest Coast vs East Coast Players
All-AmericanTim Drake 7inMile High
All-AmericanTim Drake 8 Tinbelieve the hype
All-AmericanTim Drake 9 TinDraft4
All-AmericanTim Drake TinLETS HAVE SOME MORE FUN
All-AmericanTKLinStart the process
All-AmericanTKL 2inBig Fat Azz
All-AmericanTKL 3in4th and Goal
All-AmericanTKL 4inHigh Crimes
All-AmericanTKL 5inNasty Sally
All-AmericanTNT BoominChina food invitational
Draft MastersLucius FoxinThursday

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