Nickname: Elsenorguero
Fantasy Player Rank: #279
Fans: 3

50 Money League Teams

High Stakes2goodLooking2beBrokeinFinzFan Special
All-AmericanA to Z Money Machine (pinMidnight Madness
All-AmericanA to Z Money Machine 2 inWinner's Circle Auction Draft
All-AmericanBeat Me If You CaninRed White and Blue
All-AmericanEZ MoneyinThe Thirst is Real
All-AmericanHangin With HernandezinSUNDAY NIGHT DRAFT
All-AmericanHangin With Hernandez 4inMonday night draft
All-AmericanLos Gueros GuaposinAA AUCTION
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 11 (pinTailgating 101
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 13inFathers day
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 14inFearsome Foursome
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 15inIt Smells When Eifert
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 6inFantasy Freaks & Ho's
All-AmericanLos Gueros Guapos 8 (plinStart the process
All-AmericanLos Locos GuerosinGood Times
All-AmericanShow me Your Tds (play)inThe One League
All-AmericanThe Real RT Legend (plainRowdy M'Fers only !!!!!!
All-AmericanYo soy El Guero (play)inMile High
All-AmericanYou are fighting for 2ninThe Auction Sharks
All-AmericanYour sister thinks im cinSaturday Auction
All-AmericanYour sister thinks im cinThe dirty sanchez
AudibleEZ MoneyinDM 25/10
AudibleEZ Money 3inSome say we're born into the grav
AudibleHangin With HernandezinFriday Night Funk Redo
AudibleI am El GuapoinCheap super
AudibleLos Guapos Gueros 12inSaturday Matinee
AudibleLos Guapos Gueros 4inJOKERZ N SMOKERS
AudibleLos Gueros Guapos 10inFinals Draftmaster
AudibleLos Gueros Guapos 11inLATE SHOW
AudibleLos Gueros Guapos 2inThe Program
AudibleLos Gueros Guapos 7inWe're Talkin' Practice
AudibleLos Gueros Guapos 8inalright lets do it
AudibleLos Locos GuerosinThe No Homers Club
AudibleMrStealYoGirlinTRY ME
AudibleYoull Know Bout Me SooninNo way - corrected
Draft MastersOne Final AddictioninOne Final Addiction
Draft Masters2goodLooking2beBroke 2inMemorial Day Auction
Draft MastersA to Z Money Machine 3inDrafting Drafting Drafting
Draft MastersEZ MoneyinTraining Camp Auction
Draft MastersEZ Money 5inAuction Masters
Draft MastersHangin With HernandezinTHRILL TO KILL
Draft MastersLos Gueros GuaposinWednesday Maft Drasters
Draft MastersLos Gueros Guapos 11inAny Given Sunday
Draft MastersLos Gueros Guapos 13inRevenge of the Disbanded
Draft MastersLos Locos GuaposinDM latenight
Draft MastersShow Me Ya TdsinThe 1 Hour Draft
Draft MastersWrecking CrewinThurs DM
Draft MastersYour sister thinks im cin50 First Drafts

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