Nickname: DuhPutz
Fantasy Player Rank: #47
Fans: 15

101 Money League Teams

Championship**Cookie Monsters**inFantasy Championship 7/17 7:00PM
Championship**EZE-Duz-It**inFantasy Championship 6/28 11:00PM
Championship**Flash Gordons**inFantasy Championship 7/15 8:00PM
High Stakes*DJ's Hit Squad*inChumps and Champs
High Stakes*EZE-Duz-It*inBlowhards and Diehards
High Stakes*Flash Gordons*inFast and Slow
High Stakes*Gurley Men*inHigh Stake Rake
All-ProDUHlast1inOnly the BEST
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinPop Culture Haters
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinThursday night football
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinHalfway through May
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinLucky#20
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinSlow and Fast
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinNfl draft Night
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinThe NFL DRAFT!
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinEaster egg hunt
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinHold your hit league
All-AmericanAir Force OnesinMarch Slow Draft
All-AmericanAK-47sinNo Guts No Glory
All-AmericanAK-47sinAll American Made
All-AmericanAK-47sinTrading 101
All-AmericanBell-ieversinKings League
All-AmericanEZE-Duz-ItinAmazing Grace
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinSat brunch 22
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinLate June Fun
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinGraveyard Shift
All-AmericanRushing Rouletteinlunch league
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinGET A MOVE ON
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinWinners not Whiners
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinFriday Auction
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinAuction fun
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinMidwest
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinOpen Bar
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinFriday Night Lights
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinMonster of the Midway
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinWorkingman's Dead(line)
All-AmericanRushing Rouletteinslow pokes
All-AmericanRushing RouletteinAA DRAFT
All-AmericanSay-viorsinMonday Night Quarterbacks
All-AmericanSay-viorsintres de mayo
All-AmericanSay-viorsinSaturday Night Draft
All-AmericanSay-viorsin3-24 AA DRAFT
All-AmericanSay-viorsinMARCH AA
Audible**Air Force Ones**inCrakRok Invitational Father's Day
Audible*Say-viors*inPoint of Order
AudibleAir Force OnesinWedNiteDrafting
AudibleBell-ieversinlate night d
AudibleEZE-Duz-ItinAudibles R Us
AudibleRushing RouletteinAfter the Hardwood Tilt
AudibleRushing RouletteinAfter the Draft
AudibleRushing RouletteinLate Funn2
AudibleRushing RouletteinFoos and Rosen are on Strike
AudibleSay-viorsinLast chance june 3
AudibleSay-viorsinWest Coast Party
AudibleSay-viorsinafter the Draft
AudibleSay-viorsin12 Team 4 Hr Slow DM 10/25
AudibleSay-viorsinCombine Kicker Report
Draft MastersAir Force OnesinSit and Go 100 I
Draft MastersRushing RouletteinSit and Go 50 III
Draft MastersRushing RouletteinSit and Go 50 I
Draft MastersAir Force OnesinSit and Go 20 I
Draft MastersAir Force OnesinCrazy drafter
Triple Play**Aceholes**inLet's Have Some Fun!
Triple Play*Klubotrix*inSpring is here
Triple Play*OField of Dreams*inThe Kingdom
Triple Play*Shohtime*inNuclear Fallout
Triple Play*THE SHOW*inThe Show
Triple Play*Acuna Matata*inTP Slow 99 VI
Triple Play*Battering Rams*inTP Slow 99 V
Triple Play*Garbage Sale Kids*inFantasy Ball
Triple Play*Garbage Sale Kids*inTP Slow 99 IV
Triple Play*Garbage Sale Kids*inTP Slow 99 II
Triple Play*OField of Dreams*inLongBall
Triple PlayAceholesinFor Love of the Game
Triple PlayAcuna MatatainTP Slow 49 IX
Triple PlayBattering RamsinGO Jays !
Triple PlayKlubotrixinTP Slow 49 XII
Triple Play-Aceholes-inbid em up 3
Triple Play-Aceholes-in+Super+Bowl+
Triple Play-Acuna Matata-inJust Baseball
Triple Play-Battering Rams-inSLOW DRAFT
Triple Play-OField of Dreams-inTP 19 XXXVIII
Triple Play-OField of Dreams-inAloha League
Grand Slam***Acuna Matata***inHigh Rollers
Grand Slam**Acuna Matata**inGS Slow 249 II
Grand Slam**Acuna Matata**inGS Slow 249 I
Grand Slam*Acuna Matata*inThe Slam
Draft Masters*Acuna Matata*inDM Slow 99 I
Draft MastersAcuna MatatainBest Ball 49 XII
Draft MastersBattering RamsinDM AL-only $49
Draft Masters-Acuna Matata-inDM Slow NL ONLY 19
Draft Masters-Acuna Matata-inMLB Auc
Draft Masters-Battering Rams-inWinter Ball IV
Draft Masters-Battering Rams-inSlow for beginners
Draft Masters-Battering Rams-inDM Slow 19 XXX
Draft Masters-OField of Dreams-inDM Slow 19 XXXIII
Draft Masters-Acuna Matata-inRTSports Best Ball Challenge

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