Nickname: BigDRoon
Fantasy Player Rank: #182
Fans: 12

11 Money League Teams

AudibleFootballSnagsinPuff Puff Pass
AudibleRooneys1stTryinThirsty Thursday Free Beer
AudibleRoonsArenain12 Team 4 Hr Slow DM 10/25
AudibleRoonsARookinChampionship Hoops and Drafting
AudibleRoonsGoonSquadinno way need 25 rounds and dual fl
AudibleRoonsRooksinLeave Our Guys Alone Sarge
AudibleRoonsSnagsinMuskrat Love ❤️ vs Sarge
AudibleTeam RooninDez On The Move
AudibleTeam roon2inDon't b scarred
Draft MastersRoonsTDclubinSit and Go 20 XVI

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